Assessment & Testing

DR Mold Solutions can perform a mold inspection or assessment of your home or property to confirm the presence of microbial growth. We look in common and suspected areas of water intrusion and take measurements of moisture levels to identify areas of concern. Samples can be taken via air, swab, tape, or bulk, and are analyzed by a third party laboratory. Please contact us for your custom quote based on the specifics of the location or property.

How We Kill Mold

DR Mold Solutions offers a sanitization method for your entire home, car, boat, or office. This method is able to kill and destroy many viruses, bacteria, and fungi, which means that mold and other unhealthy forms of microbial growth will be eradicated. The entire process only takes a few hours, and the property is left with a very pleasant, sanitary smell. Our company uses an FDA and EPA approved solution that is safe for all your family members, including your pets and plants. This process not only works great in residential and commercial settings, but also in boat cabins, cars, airplanes, or any enclosed space! Prices start at a $250. Please contact us for your custom quote based on interior square footage.

Air Purification Products

DR Mold Solutions provides access to top of the line air purification products, which utilize the newest technologies available. We are proud to introduce you to the featured products from Best Living Systems. Please contact us for current pricing, availability, and discounts.

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